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Birds of Ethiopia: bird watching tours in Ethiopia


Ethiopia is one of Africa’s leading birding destinations. Its avifauna represents an interesting mixture of east and west African, Palearctic and some strikingly unusual endemic components. In addition to more than 800 species of birds, of which a staggering 29 are endemic to Ethiopia and its neighbour Eritrea, Ethiopia has a number of peculiar mammals, and a scenic diversity and cultural uniqueness that are hard to equal.
For birders, the most popular access to really high altitude is the Bale Mountains National Park in the southern part of the eastern south-eastern highlands. Highland endemics such as Spot-breasted Lapwing Vanellus melanocephalus and Rouget`s Rail Rougetius rougetii occur alongside spectacular giant lobelias and Ethiopian wolves. The highlands also offer a number of species not found elsewhere in sub-Saharan Africa, such as Ruddy Shelduck Tadorna ferruginea, Golden EagleAquila chrysaetos and Red-billed Chough Pyrrhocorax pyrrhocorax. Other more widespread highland endemics include Blue-winged Goose Cyanochen cyanoptera, Ethiopian SiskinSerinus nigriceps, Wattled Ibis Bostrychia carunculata, and Abyssinian Longclaw Macronyx flavicollis.

Ethiopian forest endemics, accessible at such forest patches as those at Wondo Genet (central highlands) and Debre Libanos (northern highlands) include Yellow-fronted Parrot Poicephalus flavifrons, Black-winged Lovebird Agapornis taranta, Abyssinian Slaty-Flycatcher Melaenornis chocolatinus, Abyssinian Black-headed Oriole Oriolus monachaand Banded Barbet Lybius undatus and, in Juniper-Hagenia forest at higher altitude, such as at Dinsho or near Robe in the Bale mountains, White-backed Black Tit Parus leuconotus, Abyssinian Catbird Parophasma galinieri, White-cheeked Turaco Tauaci leucotis and Abyssinian Woodpecker Dendropicos abyssinicus. Other forest species particularly worthy of mention are Ayres’s Hawk Eagle Hieraaetus ayresii, Abyssinian Ground-Thrush Zoothera piaggiae and African Hill Babbler Pseudoalcippe abyssinica.
There’re a lot of others birdwatching destinations in Ethiopia and each of it worths a single mention.
For all of our bird watching tours in Ethiopia we provide professional guides, specializing in bird watching, well experienced and trained. Special camp gears and cook can be organized for field works and explorations.

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