Helicopter tours

Ethiopia from above


Where you can’t get by foot or jeep, you can get with helicopter! We at TravelLab Ethiopia are proud to offer our guests an unparalleled perspective of Blue Nile and Tekeze river, Lalibela, Tigray churches, Omo valley and many others!

We’re providing a unique experience for those, who wants to see more and ready for real adventure. Since there’s no tourist class helicopters in Ethiopia at all, we’re bringing one from the most reliable helicopter company in Kenya, accompanied with professional and charismatic pilots, permits and everything you need for your helicopter tour in Ethiopia.

Regarding the route, you can choose or sightseeing tour, flying from South to North, staying in nice lodges and landing at every place you like, or concentrate on some particular region to explore more from its culture and traditions.

For this kind of tours we’re always trying to do more, and bringing bottle of good champagne to celebrate Ethiopia from above!
Also, romantic dinner on the sunset on the top of the rocky mountain or near the cave monastery, or on the white flat salt lake can be organized. Everything is possible with helicopter and we’re ready to fulfill all your requests!


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