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  1. Sergey Vastchenok
    27.07.2016 в 23:10 · Reply

    Einat is truly outstanding guide, with an amazing drive and energy, traveling all over the World with a passion for adventures and a strong motivation for all people around. Profound knowledge of historical and cultural aspects, combined with physical challenges and perfect organization, make her tours unique and memorable.

  2. Stuart Parkin
    25.01.2016 в 03:30 · Reply

    Over a period of 16 days, I experienced an amazing variety of cultural artefacts, a richness that is uniquely Ethiopia.
    The experiences of the tribes, the christian north and the natural wonders of the east, could not have been the joy they were without the composite organisation provided by Travellabs.
    The vehicles and drivers were second to none, the accommodation hit the mark and even the food, was memorable!
    A trip with Einat and Travellab, has much to recommend it, particularly to Ethiopia, something I shall happily be doing.

  3. Erick Donnovan, USA
    16.11.2015 в 16:30 · Reply

    Have had a great trip with Travellab. Travelled through South and North, also visiting Danakil depression area. Incredible journey and very professional team: local guides, jeeps, lodges, food and general organisation were on the very high level. I can highly recommend Einat and her Travellab Ethiopia company, you definitely will enjoy excellent service and beauty of Ethiopia. Cheers.

  4. Nikolai, Russia
    17.08.2015 в 08:40 · Reply

    Dear Einat!
    It’s been three weeks since the end of our exciting journey through southern Ethiopia, and I still continue to remember and re-live every day of our trip. Already upon returning to Moscow, I compared several programs with such tours and realized that your program had the most complete coverage of different tribes and, at the same time, it was fairly balanced. We drove on average 300 miles a day on Ethiopian roads. It’s not easy, but the high professionalism of our drivers (and I watched their driving style) and a very friendly atmosphere that has been created in our group, made these moves if not easy, in any case, not tedious. I would gladly go somewhere else to the edge of the world under your leadership.

    I wish you success in tourism and all the best!

  5. Olga Kushnir, Israel
    17.08.2015 в 08:39 · Reply

    Ethiopian team really touched me: professionals and good friends. Einat, special thank you for your patience and success in the difficult task of organizing a tour of this wilderness. I’m thinking about continuing using your services and I’m interested in a few more tours.
    Good luck!

  6. Alina Yampolsky, Israel
    17.08.2015 в 08:38 · Reply

    Dear Einat!
    I learned a lot with you. You are amazing and incredible, there aren’t enough words to fully describe you. Always stay the same! Thank you very much for the wonderful and exciting journey, for your patience, understanding and support.

  7. Alexei Krasilov
    17.08.2015 в 08:36 · Reply

    Route: South and North of Ethiopia

    There are people with whom you want to go to the ends of the world. Thanks to this journey I have one more person like this in my life. You probably understand that I’m talking about Einat, a person with incredible charisma, erudition and great organizational skills. Thanks to Einat, there were NO ISSUES during our journey! As children are waiting for Christmas to quickly unpack their gifts, we were waiting for each new day, hoping to see something special and extraordinary, and every the delight of what we saw exceeded our expectations.
    Einat is a wonderful storyteller. Tell me, have you had a professor at the Institute that you were ready to run headlong to his lectures? So, take this professor, multiply him by ten and you’ll get Einat )
    I have to admit that before the trip I was afraid of contracting Ebola, but eventually contracted Ethiopia, which makes me unspeakably happy.
    Einat, thank you again for this wonderful adventure!

  8. Julia Sergeeva, Russia
    17.08.2015 в 08:31 · Reply

    Route: South and North of Ethiopia

    In addition to general admiration and thanks to Einat for absolutely everything, I’ll try to answer any questions for those, who haven’t decided yet whether to go to Ethiopia; in general, the questions that I had.
    1) Ebola and other troubles.
    There’s no Ebola in Ethiopia and it’s very problematic to contract it. The rest depends on personal hygiene, as in any other country.
    2) Food.
    Having starved a bit during our previous trip to Africa, we took “dry snacks” with us. Harsh Ethiopian reality turned out to be not that harsh. There was more than enough food, “dry snacks” remained unopened.
    3) Hardships during the ascent to the volcano and a trip to the desert.
    Again, according to previous experience, we didn’t expect even the minimum comfort during this part of the tour. In practice, the “hardships” were the following: a tent for 1-2 people, everyone had a bed (!), a mattress, a pillow and a sleeping bag, all very clean. A shower from the canister represented facilities, it was actually very convenient to wash yourself. The food was prepared by chef, there was enough of everything. In general, everything was as comfortable as possible and experiencing a part of the tour in this format only makes the trip more interesting.
    4) Safety.
    Nobody pulls cameras out of the tourists’ hands in Ethiopia. You shouldn’t expect anything that goes beyond general ideas about security.
    5) Is everything really as interesting as it follows from the description of the tour?
    In fact, everything is much more interesting. And absolutely everything is interesting: the tribes, the volcano, the desert, and the Christian churches. Those who think about what part of Ethiopia to choose to visit, I can advise to choose everything and in one trip. Our tour was very contrasting and this is its added advantage. It makes no sense to describe what we saw, you have to see it with your own eyes.
    6) And separately about the guide.
    Having traveled halfway around the world, I can say with confidence that I have never met a better guide. Einat combines not only a huge knowledge and erudition, but she is also responsive and attentive to every participant of the tour (I don’t want to use the term “tourist”, we felt more as travelers). Despite the fact that we were in Africa and in one of the most underdeveloped countries, everything was just perfect.
    In general, Ethiopia is an amazing country that you have to visit. Thank you for an amazing journey, Einat!

  9. Olga, Russia
    17.08.2015 в 08:27 · Reply

    Route: South and North of Ethiopia

    Our tour of Ethiopia – it was a real ADVENTURE, but an adventure well organized, safe and with comfort to the limit! Of course, a great merit is of this country itself: it’s impossible not to be conquered by the views of bubbling volcano! It’s impossible to contemplate with indifference white expanse of a salt lake! And an escort by the Ethiopian army – it’s such an entourage! But a major contribution to our enthusiastic impressions – it was Einat’s and our jeep drivers’ great job: Indalk, Elias and Mulle – THANK YOU VERY MUCH! All obligations, mentioned in the program (professional service on a maximum level throughout the tour, modern, comfortable jeeps and qualitative information component of the tour), were performed to the fullest. Choosing a tour, I found the following definition on the site of one company “Team leader – this is a person who handles all the organizational issues of travel. When we get up, when we take off, where we spend the night, where we dine, what activity we will do tomorrow, how to turn on Wi-Fi and a billion more ordinary, everyday questions – you don’t have to think about any of this, as the team leader will be occupied by this 24 hours a day. The team leader loves and knows the region of the expedition, so he’ll be happy to share his knowledge.” Now, that’s the definition of Einat (verified by experience)))) In general, I HIGHLY, HIGHLY recommend and advise to visit Ethiopia only with Einat!)

  10. Vadim, Russia
    17.08.2015 в 06:11 · Reply

    Route: South and North of Ethiopia

    I’m hooked! It’s been six weeks since the end of the journey. And only now I have the aftertaste!
    Before the trip, I read a few reviews from people who have already visited Ethiopia. They caused mixed feelings. So, after the trip, I can say: I feel DELIGHTED. From acquaintance with Einat, from many hours of crossings accompanied by Elios (with whom we cracked some nuts), and, of course, from Ethiopia. I won’t talk about the tribes, the desert and the volcano. I will simply say that for all seekers and curious ones Ethiopia is just what you need. And dear Einat with the company TravelLab will organize everything beyond praise. Thank you.

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